Air Curler: Does It Work?

You don't have to be a woman to notice that curls are one of the latest hair trends. But we all know how hot styling products can damage your hair. So who wouldn't be at least a little interested in a unique device that promises beautiful, long curls without the damaging heat?

Like many women with long hair, McKenna Jane likes to switch things up. Sometime she wears it straight, and sometimes she wants curls. Because of the potential heat damage, McKenna only grabs her curling iron once or twice a week. She says her hair curls in no time.

"It takes about ten minutes altogether," she said. "And then, my curls hold for over a day."

Will she give up the curling iron for the "Air Curler?

The promoters call it a "revolutionary new styling tool that creates luscious curls in seconds."

According to the commercial: "Just attach your blow dryer's nozzle to the air curler, place a section of your hair in the air curler, then turn on the blow dryer!"

The vortex of air inside the Air Curler bowl spins your hair around like a cotton candy machine. The commercial shows curly results in less than 20 seconds.

Your hair needs to dry at the roots with the rest of your hair damp. McKenna's fine hair dries so quickly, she had to keep wetting it down-

It took a while to get the hang of it, but in the end, McKenna did have curls, only they weren't the kind of curls she expected.

"I think that the curling iron's a lot easier," McKenna said. "I don't really like the fact that this thing is so bulky. And I have to put it together and there's three different parts. I'd rather just have my curling iron, plug it in and just go."

As for the claim that Air Curler is healthier for hair because there's no damage from hot irons?

"I can see how it would be," McKenna replied. "Because it's air instead of the curling iron with heat. But with my hair, it just feels really tangled and I just feel like I'm going to have worse split ends after this trying to brush it out."

"I'd give it a 2. It did curl a little bit, It just doesn't achieve the same outcome as a curling iron would, for me," said McKenna.

The Air Curler may well work better on thicker hair, but within 10 minutes after McKenna was finished, her Air Curler curls were all gone. The product sells for 15 dollars at stores that sell As Seen On TV products.