Air travel only safest when passengers dress the part

Yes, flying is the safest form of transportation, but you need to dress for the worst when you fly.

I can't believe how many passengers wear flip-flops, T-shirts and shorts.

Sure, it's comfortable, but as John Nance, aviation analyst for ABC News, reminds us, that clothing won't protect you if you're trying to get through burning debris.

"Understand, we have 32,000 a day and nothing goes wrong, but you probably want to give some thought to not getting on that airplane like you were dressing to sit around the pool."

"Flip flops are not going to help you going down a evacuation slide. Good shoes may help you, especially if you have to slash through burning fuel in the worst possible case."

The safest clothes to wear on a plane: a long-sleeve shirt, pants and study flat shoes, or ones with a low heel.

Looking at the pictures from the weekend crash in San Francisco, I was struck with how many passengers were leaving the wreckage with their carry-on luggage.

Big mistake; Nance says you could get trapped inside or prevent others from making it out.

"So, we all have a concurrent responsibility to leave our stuff and get the heck off the airplane."

The FAA estimates that once the cabin starts to burn, you have less than two minutes to get out before you are overcome with toxic smoke and fumes.

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