Bringing your pet to work? Here's some tips

Your company allows pets and you've decided to bring you pooch or kitty to work with you.

Dr. Kerri Marshall, CVO, that's Chief Veterinary Officer at Seattle-based Trupanion pet insurance says it's important to be respectful of others - people and pets at the office.

"Have them well trained. Have them on a leash Have them up on their vaccinations and healthcare, not have any parasites. Have them bathed so they don't smell bad and potty trained."

You also want to let your office manager and co-workers know you're going to bring Fido or Felix to work. Be sure to introduce your pet to everyone, including other pets.

Remember, it's your responsibility to make sure bringing your pet to work is safe for them and for your co-workers.

"And they really need to be cognizant that their pet may behave differently with other people, new people and new pets, than they do with them."

In that case, maybe your pet should stay at home or maybe they need some behavior classes before coming back.