Cats can get separation anxiety

You just assume that your dog misses you when you leave the house. And you probably assume your cat could care less.

Well get this - some cats do get separation anxiety.

"Cats can become highly bounded to people and they become very stressed and can actually become agitated when their person is away, especially for long periods of time," said Mikkel Becker, a pet trainer with

When you're away, your cat doesn't have a lot to do. So, when you get back, they can sometimes become hyper-active.

Mikkel says you can make your cat feel more comfortable when you're gone by giving them something fun to do during that time. Put their food in a food puzzle or kitty Kong. Or get them some special toys.

"Ones that are remote-controlled or that will turn on automatically, so all of a sudden the little string starts spinning around, so it keeps the cat really active and engaged and gives them something to do even when you're not there," she said.

If your think your cat has separation anxiety, talk to you vet. There could be an underlying medical problem.

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