Don't fall for tech support scams

I got a call the other day from a guy who claimed to be with "Microsoft Windows Support." He said they had noticed problems with my computer and wanted to help me improve the performance.

I know a lot of you have been getting the same sort of call.

The fraudsters running this scam hope to convince you that your computer has serious security problems and needs to be fixed right away. To do that they'll need to remotely access your machine.

Chester Wisniewski, a security expert with Sophos, says if you take the bait, the crooks will charge you hundreds of dollars for service you didn't need and they didn't perform.

Even worse, they'll hijack your computer.

"The bad guys in these cases are installing remote control software that lets them see everything that is on your screen mirrored on their screen," Wisniewski said. "So this would make it very easy for them to potentially get into to your bank account."

If you get one of these calls - hang up. Tech companies don't make calls to customers offering support. You have to call them.

And never give anyone remote access to your computer unless you know who they are and completely trust them.

More Info: FTC: Tech Support Scams