Food labels can be tricky to understand

You've probably heard the news that food labels are going to be redesigned to make them easier to read and more useful to you.

But this will take some time, so we'll all be dealing with the current nutrition labels for a few more years.

One of the most confusing things about the current label is the way calories, sugar, fat, sodium and other important information is displayed -- by serving size. And that serving size is often unrealistically low.

"Food manufacturers do that to make their products look better, so they can sort of slide under the nutritional radar," said certified nutritionist Deborah Enos, the One-Minute Wellness Coach. "It makes the sugar look less; it makes the calories look less, and the reality is anything but."

For instance, a serving of ice cream is considered a half cup. Seriously? And did you know that there are two and a half serving of pop in that 20-ounce bottle that you drink all at once?

So when you look at the label, check the serving size and do the math based on how much you'll really be eating. You may be surprised at the numbers.

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