FTC cracks down on deceptive advertising and get-rich quick schemes

The Federal Trade Commission continues to crackdown on companies making unsubstantiated claims about their products or services.

FTC announcements this month include judgments, settlements, bans, indictments, and warning letters. Federal investigators say some of the business promotions make unsubstantiated claims with no evidence to back them up, some are intentionally deceptive or misleading, and some are outright scams.

The recent actions serve as one more reminder to carefully evaluate advertising claims before you buy. Conduct your own independent research using multiple background sources that have nothing to do with the companies in question. Below are links to the complete FTC releases in the ongoing deceptive advertising crackdown:

Get Rich Quick Schemes

Weight Loss and Erectile Dysfunction Supplement Scam Refunds

Federal and Postal Job Scam Refunds

Debt Collection Scam Indictment

Deceptive Advertising Settlement- "Your Baby Can Read"

Window Energy Savings Claims- FTC Warning