How to avoid microwave dangers

Knives, stoves, choppers and blenders - there are lots of potentially dangerous things in the kitchen. And don't forget the microwave oven.

According to our news partners at Consumer Reports, more than 10,000 people were seriously hurt last year using a microwave.

Amber Fowler, executive director of the Northwest Burn Foundation, says steam can cause a nasty burn.

"Steam doesn't look as dangerous as fire because there's simply no flame, but that steam is more than 200 degrees and it can actually cause a very serious burn -- in literally just seconds," she said.

So pay attention and be careful when you remove the cover or peel back the wrapper on something you take out of the microwave.

Here's another important safety tip: Don't boil water in the microwave, do it on the stove. Superheated water can explode when air bubbles trapped underneath the surface are disturbed.

When I reheat coffee, I do it for a minute then stir, to break up any trapped bubbles, and then heat for another minute if needed.

And I always reach for a potholder or two before I touch that hot dish or bowl.

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