Jennifer joins the Shrine Circus Freestyle Motorshow

      The Shrine Circus is back in town!! With the help of Ringmaster Ted on the microphone, Jennifer hops on a wheelie popping ATV!! THEN rides the front of a somersaulting motorbike!
      It's all part of an exciting new act at the Shrine Circus.

      A Freestyle Motorshow from Portugal featuring several riders trick riding and jumping off ATVs and motorcycles.

      They have dancing horses, dancing elephants and a great trained dog act this year - it's all Dobermans.

      And, of course there are acrobats and clowns and all the fun you'd expect with a circus. And ticket sales benefit the El Katif Shriners.
      Tickets are available at Tri-City area Albertsons stores or online at: $10 for general admission, $15 reserved seats and $25 for ringside seats.