Jennifer rides the Shrine Circus elephant

The Shrine Circus is back in town!! With the help of Ringmaster Ted on the microphone, Jennifer climbs onto an elephant, rides her and then climbs off with the coaching of Erika Zerbini a 9th generation animal trainer. Erika is one of the youngest AND the best animal trainers in the world. This year you will see the elephants waltz together among other incredible tricks.

Other exciting new acts at the Shrine Circus:

A Freestyle Motorshow from Portugal featuring several riders trick riding and jumping off ATVs and motorcycles. They also have dancing horses and a great trained dog act this year - it's all Dobermans.

And, of course there are acrobats and clowns and all the fun you'd expect with a circus. And ticket sales benefit the El Katif Shriners.
Tickets are available at Tri-City area Albertsons stores or online at: $10 for general admission, $15 reserved seats and $25 for ringside seats.