Non-homogenized milk health claims are 'nonsense'

Another milk myth is making the rounds. This one says non-homogenized milk is safer and better than homogenized milk. Why?

Supposedly the process of homogenizing milk released potentially harmful enzymes.

For its February issue, the UC Berkeley Wellness Letter looked into this.

"The bottom line is, that's nonsense," says Dr. John Swartzberg, who heads the editorial board at the Wellness Letter.

"Homogenization just means that it's really mixed up so much that the fat globules become so small that they mix perfectly well with the rest of the milk, so it doesn't leave that creamy layer on top."

Swartzberg says there are several good reasons to drink homogenized milk.

"It's got a longer shelf-life, people seem to absorb the nutrients from homogenized milk better, so it's more digestible, and most people like the taste better."

Something else he wants parents to know: studies have clearly shown that homogenized milk does not increase allergy or intolerance problems when its fed to children.

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