Resolve to eat a little bit better in 2014

Here's a New Year's resolution you can keep - eating better this year.

You don't have to make dramatic changes to your diet. A few simple things can make a big difference.

Add more color to your plate. The editors at Good Housekeeping magazine reminds us that carrots, beets, oranges and other colorful fruits and veggies are loaded with nutrients and packed with powerful antioxidants.

Try to replace a junk food snack with some produce. I grab some carrots or celery when I'm hungry.

Fresh fruit, such as apples and bananas are rich in vitamins and a good way to add some fiber to your diet. Dried apricots and cherries are also great for snacking on the go.

Yes, you're busy, but Good Housekeeping suggests cooking at home one night a week. It will save you money and help you control what you eat. Let's face it, restaurant portions are often way too large and that food is typically full of fat and sodium.

A few other simple changes: Do one meatless dish a week or add one fish meal. A tuna sandwich on whole wheat, easy on the mayo, fits the bill.

Before you know it, these changes are part of your normal routine.

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