Spooky Halloween contacts could have dangerous consequences

PUYALLUP, Wash. -- A Puyallup teenager fell victim to a popular but unsafe costume choice for Halloween, and he and his mom are now speaking out to keep others from suffering the same dangerous consequences.

It's not hard to find decorative contacts online, but few realize the contacts can cause terrible damage.

"He's only 19, so he's got his whole life ahead of him. And once you have eye damage it just can't be reversed, it can't be corrected," said Shauna Rogers, whose 19-year-old son recently had a scare with decorative contacts.

Devon Stark ordered his contacts online, and he said that nearly lead to a disaster.

"So you go to take them out and the contact comes out, but the printed color is still on your eye," Stark said.

David Quinlin with the Better Business Bureau said the problems with decorative contacts are not new.

"The stores -- like Halloween shops, these fly by night operations, convenient stores, video stores, the Internet -- even these are all places that will sell these contact lenses, so unless you have a prescription don't buy them from there," Quinlin said.

That's a lesson Stark says he has learned.

"It's not worth it for one day for me to be like, 'Oh yeah, my eyes are green today,' and then not have eyesight the next day. That would not be something I would want," he said.

His mom is glad that Stark learned his lesson.

"I knew it was something he wanted to play around with and experiment with, but when I found out that it could damage his eyes. It's not a good idea," she said.

Anyone who has used decorative contacts and developed signs of infection should see an eye doctor right way.