Yakima locals respond to Presidential Debate

YAKIMA, Wash. --The differences were made clear between President Obama and Governor Romney. The same goes for local voters as they watched Wednesday night's debate. One of the hottest topics was healthcare. Many voters say it's an issue that will help them decide who to vote for on election day.

"When Mr. Romney said we would lose on insurance or that the middle class would stand to lose insurance, I felt that was a direct falsehood that he was propagating to the American public," said local Democrat Aaron Case.

"My understanding is Governor Romney's program is you have a choice. You can go to the private sector or you can go to the government sector. You get a choice," said local Republican John Puccnielli.

Perhaps most importantly, voters tell Action News the economy may just be the deciding factor when it comes to who should be the next president.

"I think we haven't had enough time to work out of the debt and I think Obama has the solution," said local Democrat Kathi Bonlender.

"We've seen the results of what four years has done and he says it's not enough time. We've increased the debt to such amount that's really concerning if we could ever pay the debt," said Max Golladay.

Both sides walked away saying the differences between the two candidates couldn't be clearer. Ultimately, it will help them prepare to make their own decision in November.