You got a new pet? Great! Now, what do you do?

Maybe you were lucky enough to get a new furry family member for the holidays. Great!

It's important to remember that once the novelty wears off, your new pet will still need your constant love and attention every day for years to come.

Terri Inglis, executive director of Homeward Pet Adoption Center in Woodinville, reminds us that dogs and cats require both physical exercise and mental stimulation

"If they get bored, that's when they're going to dig holes in the back yard or chew up something in the house or claw furniture," Inglis said.

With a new dog, it's really important to sign up for a training course.

"It's a great way to bond with your new pet, even if that dog already has been trained," Inglish said. "You may not know that dog's cues and it certainly won't know yours. It allows you to understand how to tell them to sit or stay or walk, so you both learn something."

And this reminder for parents: You might have adopted that pet for your kids, but ultimately you are responsible for making sure that new family member is properly cared for.

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