Poke Bowls for sale at the Mid-Columbia Market!

RICHLAND, Wash. -- If you're a fan of sushi, you better keep reading. Poke Bowls are the next best thing to your favorite tuna roll. This classic Hawaiian dish features fresh (and raw) marinated tuna with grilled pineapple over a bowl of sushi rice. It is then topped with the shredded cucumber, avocado, peeled ginger, wasabi and a few other delicious fixings. The dish tastes like a big bowl of sushi and local volunteer, Lisa Nelson, is excited to share it with the community. Of course, Kelley Bayern, stepped in and had to give it a try.

Lisa sells her bowls every Thursday at the market from 12:30pm until she runs out. The market is located at 603 Goethals Drive in Richland. Click here for more info.

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