Benton County sheriffs locate alleged criminal gang member residence

Benton County sheriffs locate alleged criminal gang member residence

KENNEWICK, Wash. - Sheriffs in Benton County have located and are investigating a residence where criminal gang members lived.

Benton County Sheriffs Office (BCSO) reported an alleged gang member was arrested in late March for narcotics delivery after detectives found and arrested the suspect at a Kennewick house located at 1210 W. 30th Avenue.

Detectives uncovered narcotics, narcotics paraphernalia and firearms at the residence, according to reports. Further investigation revealed that local gang members lived at and frequented the residence.

Police are currently investigating an assault that occurred at this house in February. Witnesses said wanted gang member, Ramon Aguilar, allegedly assaulted someone with a machete and that he and another suspect left the area with the victim.

Investigators said Aguilar took the surveillance camera hard drive that had recorded the attack. BCSO was still able to determine that Aguilar was living at 403 W. Columbia Street in Pasco, where he was keeping guns and narcotics.

Investigators also discovered the 1210 W. 30th location was burglarized and Aquilar was suspected.

Due to the suspect's criminal history of felony, firearm and narcotics possession, and violent offense officials called the regional SWAT team to assist in Aguilar's arrest. Police arrested Aguilar without any issues, according to reports.

Officials then searched the Aguilar's residence, 403 W. Columbia Street, and found a firearm, narcotics, a stolen vehicle, stolen firearms safe and numerous stolen tools.

Deputies have detained Aguilar in Franklin County Jail for drug possession, unlawful firearm possession and stolen property possession. Investigators are working to determine if Aguilar was responsible for the assault.

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