Benton County sheriffs patrol car damaged, sprayed with graffiti

Benton County sheriffs patrol car damaged, sprayed with graffiti

BENTON COUNTY, Wash. - Sheriffs have identified two male suspects involved in damaging and spray painting a Benton County Sheriff's car.

Detectives discovered two juvenile males in the area when the crime was committed upon investigation.

Benton County detectives identified the suspects as 16 and 17-year-old males with gang ties, according to reports.

Police said the suspects live in the 20000 block of N. Hinzerling Road, near the Benton County Road Department West End Shops where the crime was committed.

Benton County Sheriffs Office (BCSO) Gang Team located both suspects with a search warrant. Police arrested the juveniles and took them to Benton/Franklin County Juvenile Justice Center after interviewing them.

They are charged with burglary, theft, and malicious mischief reports said.

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County sheriffs are investigating a vandalism incident resulting in a damaged patrol vehicle.

Reports said unidentified suspects went to the Benton County Road Department West End Shops, near the intersection of North Hinzerling Road and Heck Road and damaged a Benton County Sheriff's Office (BCSO) parked patrol car anytime during the night of Saturday, April 8 and the morning of Sunday, April 9.

The suspects threw about 20 large rocks over the north fence line where the vehicle was parked, striking it multiple times according to authorities.

Sheriffs said the suspects then entered the fenced area and broke out four windows and spray painted the word "Pigs" on the hood in white letters.

Police believe that this crime was gang-related due to the addition of graffiti.

Reports said the suspects also prowled three Road Department vehicles, stealing three fire extinguishers from the vehicles which were sprayed inside the damaged patrol vehicle.

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