Madonna is officially a billionaire now

Woah, Mo. The original Material Girl, who was already a successful businesswoman and investor, has officially joined the ranks of Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos by rounding out a billion dollars in earnings, the New York Post reports.

Thanks to investments in lifestyle brands like Vita Coco and Hard Candy, as well as a hugely profitable tour, a clothing line, music and DVD sales and multiple endorsements, the outspoken activist has vogued her way into the eight figure range. Her perfume line alone has earned her a cool $10 million.

Madonna has been having a major comeback in the past few years, rating higher during her Superbowl Half Time show than Beyonce and making over over $300 million on her MDNA tour alone.

How's she doing it? Largely by returning to her roots -- Madge's latest music video for "Girl Gone Wild," looks straight out of the 1980s and already has 20 million views.