20 paid tutors needed for Americorps

AMERICORPS NEWS RELEASE -- Improve the world. Earn money for school. Build community relationships. Develop skills you can use anywhere. Each year since 1992 we have welcomed a diverse group of tutors to our Literacy and Academic Success Team:

some just graduated and want the experience that all employers ask for...
others need time off from school to fund academic goals...
there are parents ready to explore careers now that their children are in school...
plus people who don't feel fulfilled in their current jobs...
and last, but certainly not least, are retirees who have no interest in a rocking chair.

So, whether you are 18 years old or 81 years young, we're looking for enthusiastic adults ready to dedicate themselves to a fulltime term of service. We appreciate those who bring their own gifts, talents and skills. Hopefully, those include a can-do attitude, a sense of humor, a zest for learning, and a strong desire to help others.

Tutors for Literacy and Academic Success Team

Project LiteracyVolunteer Coordinator

September 2, 2014June 30, 2015

18 years or older. (There is no typical age for members in our program. Our oldest member was 80 and the youngest was 18; both did a great job!)
US citizen, a national, or legal permanent resident
able to make and keep a 10month, fulltime commitment

$5,645 Education ward for each 10month term of service. Use it to further your education or help pay off student loans. If you serve two terms you'll be more than $11,000 closer to achieving your educational goals!

Not going to college? You are able to use your Education Award for courses other than a 4-year degree program. Vouchers may be used in a variety of creative ways to fit your specific needs and lifegoals. Even if you already have a college degree, the Education Award can be used for Continuing Education or personal enrichment classes.

Are you 55 or older? You may choose to transfer the education award to your child, grandchild or
foster child! Monthly living allowance (and more)

We provide all tutors with a monthly living allowance of $920. It won't make you financially rich, but the satisfaction of helping others while preparing for your own future is why you're really here.

And, you may be eligible for forbearance and interest payments on your student loans. That means we can put your loan on hold and pay the interest that accumulates while you serve.

Plus, National Service experience looks great on your resume or college applications!

PAID TRAINING begins on September 2, 2014.