2012 -- zero instances of police gun use

      TRI-CITIES - It's a hot topic these days - gun use.KEPR looked at the number of times local officers had to fire their weapons last year. Your police always say bullets are a last resort.

      In 2012, none of our local police departments in the Tri-Cities had to fire their weapons.

      The year before, Pasco Police fired a gun twice in one incident. Richland Police fired 23 rounds in one instance -- in which police killed a man who pointed a gun at them.

      "It's unfortunate, but nationwide - the threats to other people's lives, to police officers' lives occur with all-too regular of a frequency. And so -- officers do have to use lethal force," said Richland Police Captain Mike Cobb.

      That lethal force is only used when police determine there is imminent danger.