23 arrests made at Water Follies

KENNEWICK POLICE NEWS RELEASE -- Kennewick Police Department reports no major incidents during the three days of the 2014 Water Follies in Columbia Park.

Friday - 1 cite Alcohol in Park
1 cite Marijuana in Public

Saturday- 630 self-initiated contacts
7 cites Alcohol in Park
1 cite DWLS
1 cite Assault 4
1 cite Obstructing
1 cite Reckless Driving
1 cite UIP
1 cite Lewd Conduct
3 warrant arrests
Total 16 arrests
1 lost 3 year of child- reunited with mother

Sunday - 600 self-initiated contacts
4 arrests for Disorderly Conduct
1 arrest for Resisting

1 cite for Marijuana in Public
1 arrest for Possession of Stolen Property
Total 7 arrests

1 stolen golf cart at the end of the day. It was located by officers and 1 subject arrested.
2 young children were lost and reunited with parents

Kennewick Police Chief Ken Hohenberg commented that, "Advanced preparation is always key to any successful event. Planning between the Water Follies Association and the Kennewick Police Department and our many other Law Enforcement and private security partners for this event make it possible to have such a great family friendly event here in the Tri Cities."