2nd Harvest expanding warehouse

PASCO, Wash. -- After what they are calling a successful year and a half at their new facility, 2nd Harvest is expanding their building.

Crews have broken ground on the north side of the Pasco building. This is phase two of building an additional 26,000-square-foot warehouse. 2nd Harvest received nearly $3 million in grant money for the project. In their first eight months in the building, they're moving food at a record pace.

"We're seeing so much more need because of the food stamp reductions as well, which has meant an average of about 15 fewer meals on the table per month for an average family of four, so pretty significant, we're trying to help bridge that gap," said 2nd Harvest's Jean Tucker.

The building should be finished in the middle of summer and, with the new warehouse, staff expect over 9 million pounds' worth of food to be produced per year by 2018.