3 firefighters injured while battling Tuesday's fires

BENTON COUNTY, Wash. -- Three firefighters were injured while battling fires near Prosser, Kennewick and West Richland Tuesday afternoon.

One firefighter has chemically-induced asthma and is being held for 48 hours in the hospital to be observed. That firefighter was battling the fire between Benton City and Prosser along I-82. It's suspected that fire started on a nearby farm. It burned more than 700 acres.

The other two firefighters injured had issues related to dehydration and heat exhaustion. The outside temperature was 100 degrees as the men were on the scene.

The fire near Kennewick by Clodfelter and Hildebrand burned about 100 acres. Crews say it appears this one was intentionally set.

The fire near the old race track in West Richland off SR-224/Mayo Loop Road burned 10-15 acres. A 20 year old was off-roading and a tumbleweed got caught under car which ignited and caused the fire. Part of the land is owned by the Department of Natural Resources.