7-year-old Richland boy pinned under SUV in icy conditions

RICHLAND, Wash. -- A seven-year-old boy is recovering in the hospital after an SUV rolled on top of him in Richland this morning, pinning him for an hour.

Action News spoke with family members who watched the tragedy happen right outside their door.

“So quickly my brother got crushed and I have no idea what happened,” said the victim’s brother Junlin Ren.

Ren is at a loss for words thinking about the catastrophe that caught his brother under an SUV for an hour this morning.

“I can't think about it, he was crying really loud, he’s hurt,” said Ren.

A little boy's heroic attempt to help turned into a tragedy with Wednesday mornings' temperatures.

Ren says they were waiting for the car to warm up outside when suddenly it started to slip, taking the seven-year-old boy Thomas with it.

“He was trying to help and was walking after the car and the car crushed,” said Ren.

The boy’s weight was no match for the 4,000 pounds of steal that sent him and the SUV right down their hill.

“Immediately we knew that his foot was pinned against the rock on the bottom of the car, the motor mounts, so we had to stabilize the vehicle to make sure it did not move and cause additional injury,” said Richland Police Department’s Battalion Chief Curtis Walsh.

Awake and in agony, the boy had to wait for resources, but the conditions made matters worse.

“They train for this, but they never train in icy conditions, so that presented an additional problem for us,” said Walsh.

After 55 long minutes, crews pulled the boy out and put him in an ambulance to Trios health.

“I’m quite surprised, especially in the position that he was in, that he was conscious and talking to us,” said Walsh, adding “so that's a good sign.”

Good signs are all the family can now hope for as they wait for updates on Thomas.

“Good news is my mother say he can walk again, it's not too big of deal,” said Ren, adding “but I don't want my brother hurt, he was really hurt and I was so upset about it.”

Ren says his parents tell him they are sending the seven year old to Seattle where doctors say they are hopeful his leg can be fixed.

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