89-year-old walks 15,000 miles

89-year-old walks 15,000 miles

KENNEWICK, Wash -- A crowd gathered at Columbia Center Mall Monday morning; not to shop, but to cheer on a Kennewick woman who marked an amazing milestone. Literally.

At almost 90 years old Patsy Hull walks at a pretty good clip! And for good reason, today Patsy walked her 15,000 mile. "I got the 500 mile, then the thousand then the 10 thousand, and then you know... I didn't know I'd live this long."

She started walking 26 years ago, but only started logging her miles when she joined Kadlec's mall walking program at Columbia Center Mall. Her doctor told her she needed to walk, to combat severe osteoporosis. "And my doctor said I have to walk everyday, and so I said can I have Sunday off?" says Patsy.

Every other day of the week Patsy walks alone because she doesn't hear well, and has a short stride. But Monday morning there was a crowd of walkers cheering her on-- people who see her walking everyday.

Her son came from Hermiston and says he wouldn't miss it. "This world's just a better place with her in it, that's all I know. It's just a better place with her here," says Mickey Hull.

She may walk alone, but there is an important lesson here for all of us. "Keep walking and you'll keep walking. She really does count her exercise for why she's doing as well as she is," says Corey Wakeley, who runs the program for Kadlec Regional Medical Center.

And Patsy says she'll keep on walking toward her next milestone: 20,000 miles. Which at 887 miles per year, she's likely to hit.

The mall is open to registered walkers almost every morning of the year. You can find 40-70 people of all ages getting their exercise each morning.

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