9 injured as man drives into crowd leaving funeral in Idaho

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- Two people suffered life-threatening injuries after an elderly driver of a vehicle accidentally drove his vehicle into a large crowd of people, Boise PD says.

A total of nine people were injured, including a 5-year-old boy.

Boise Police says the driver drove into the crowd just leaving a funeral Monday afternoon. Nine people have been taken to three local hospitals -- six taken by ambulance, three taken by private vehicles. The driver of the vehicle was not injured.

Amanda Olsen was one of the first people hit after the car had jumped the curb. KBOI talked to Amanda's father, Dee Cazier. He says the whole thing happened so fast and it looked surreal. "All of a sudden out of nowhere, a white car, going very fast came and I just saw bodies flying, it was just awful," Cazier said. "It was something you'd see in a move not coming out of a funeral where we just had this wonderful experience," he added.

Cazier says Olsen was hit bad and was down on the ground as he went to her aid. "it was fear, that oh my gosh this is my daughter, and then some relief that there wasn't blood all over the place that she was breathing and could talk."

Dee says another relative of his was hit by the car and he also says he was worried about the driver of the car as well. "I just know that he was an elderly man with a suit on and obviously he was here for the funeral. Of course everybody knew that it wasn't intentional. We all feel very sorry for him. How sad he must be feeling," Cazier said.

Officials say the injured were taken to St. Alphonsus Eagle, St. Lukes in Meridian and St. Alphonsus on Curtis Road. Some of the injured were related, officials tell KBOI 2News.