A couple dollars in sales tax to you, means big bucks for the city of Kennewick

KENNEWICK, Wash. -- All that shopping you did over the weekend has cities seeing dollar signs. Especially when you hit the mall. Sales tax helps the city of Kennewick.

A trunk full of bags... a sign Randilyn Shane spent some serious cash at the Kennewick Fred Meyer.

She says, "Just now I spent money and I didn't really think about it."

At the end of the receipt, the price rings up a bit higher than just the price in the aisle.

"You know it's going to be $10 more than you originally thought." Randilyn continues.

The extra 8.3% adds up quickly for the city.

Dan Legard is the head of finance at the City of Kennewick. He oversees the dollars that come in from your spending. This year, Kennewick took in nearly half-a-million dollars more in sales tax than it did last year. Those dollars helped pay for the Southridge complex this year. And there could be more to come.

Legard says, "We do anticipate continued growth."

Kennewick expects the numbers to be another three-percent higher next year. That will help pay for the Steptoe extension into the south end of town. This will allow more space for business and connect the shops in south Kennewick, which means even more spending and tax revenue.

Legard says, "We're hoping to promote further growth, economic growth, jobs and retail activity and all that feeds back into our program as we move forward."

A cycle that will hopefully mean more road improvements, too.

"They definitely need improving I mean, I've seen worse," Randilyn says.

Knowing those dollars stay local to improve our community could have people like Randilyn feel a little better about those added fees at the end of your receipt.

Kennewick won't know total numbers made for sales tax this year until at least February. But it predicts the 3% percent increase will maintain.