A glimpse inside a Prosser prom

PROSSER - As we head in graduation season, Action News is staying on top of issues affecting our teens. We're taking a look at a very unique event for our young people. It's a prom like any other--- but catered toward a very special group of soon-to-be-graduates.

It's a night, any of these young people won't soon forget.

"I've never been a king before," said prom participant Karter Childers.

Karter Childers is a king tonight. And although he admits he's new to royalty, he's confident that this prom is his best yet.With a Disneyland theme and a limo that took the crowd out for ice cream, he's not alone in his excitement.

"Have a great day," said Karter Childers.

Karter is the inspiration for the event. His mom and sister Klaire started the prom last year.

"I just want them to get the whole prom experience where they can be princes and princesses," said event co-founder Klaire Childers.

Arranging the first event was Klaire's senior project. She's now passed it on to others who want to give back. She says all the pre-planning stress was beyond worth it.

"Being there with them is way more than just doing it," added Klaire Childers.

Between the look on their faces, the incredible dance moves, the DJ rolling out the groovy tunes in a castle cut-out, it was undeniably a night to remember. As these siblings soak up every minute, they seem to celebrate a relationship that's almost too treasured or special to put into words.

Organizers tell us between 30 and 40 students attended the event. Over the weekend, a couple other high schoolers stepped up to plan the next couple years of prom.