A look back at school days in the Tri-Cities

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KENNEWICK, Wash -- As school kids head back to class this week and look forward to a new school year, one Kennewick man is looking back at school years gone by.

A quick look around Don Sorenson's Kennewick home reveals he loves all things vintage. And, when it comes to photographs he lets the pictures tell the story. "I thought, 'hey it would be fun if there was a page that was dedicated to old Tri-Cities photos'."

Sorenson has posted old pictures of all kinds of scenes around the Tri-Cities, including schools and students, to his Facebook page, "Vintage Tri-Cities".

He has pictures of Kennewick High School in 1936, Richland High in 1963 and Pasco High also in the 1930's. There are crossing guards in at Jason Lee Elementary in Richland in 1953 and bicycle safety day in 1950.

"Back then you had all these kids who would ride bikes to school together, and there's one or two kids, so that's one of the differences and modes of transportation. How kids interact then as opposed to how they interact now."

Sorenson works at Hanford and has access to a treasure trove of photos. He says the old photos resonate with people today, including young people.

"I have lots of high schoolers who follow the page and it's cool for them because they might not know anything about the history of where they live. And I'll post a picture of Richland, Kennewick or Pasco High and kids who go there will be like, that's our school!"

He says as much as things change, they also stay the same. And these decades old pictures of kids heading back to class -- as they do every year is testament to that.

You can click here to find the Vintage Tri-Cities Facebook page which just marked its one year anniversary. More than 13,000 people follow the page.

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