A new shop give smokers healthier, cheaper alternatives

RICHLAND, Wash. - There yet another new form of getting a fix, outside of traditional cigarettes. This time, through vapor.

A new shop in Richland is offering an e-liquid option that's said to be equivalent to a carton of smokes. But this is half the price and said to lack the cancer-causing ingredients of a traditional cigarette. Some might argue the flavors appeal to kids like Hawaiian Punch, grape, and watermelon, but the owner insists it's an alternative to what people would be doing anyway.

"You're not going to stop people from it, but being able to go to something that is a cleaner product, no second hand smoke, nothing that's going to affect your family or friends, I think having a better alternative is absolutely the way the world needs to go," said store owner Travis Scheibe.

The vapor shop is on the corner of Jadwin and Williams in Richland.