A new way to fight crime in Richland

RICHLAND, WA. - It's a hot new way to fight crime. Richland Police have a new way to harness information.. and get it out to officers instantly. The system uses Microsoft Technology to communicate with the cops on the streets.

The future of law enforcement has arrived in Richland. It's called SmartForce, not even a week old and police already see the benefits.

"This is a game-changer," said Richland Cpt. Mike Cobb. "This is going to change the way we do business. This is going to be eventually the way law enforcement agencies across the country are going to do business."

Just this week a Richland coffee shop was burglarized. Only a vague description of the suspect was given and a picture of a footprint left behind. All the info is punched into this new software system where data gets saved in the cloud.

This instant response allows information to go to all officers immediately. Using the data from Smart Force, Richland Police stopped a potential suspect in the coffee shop case. This time, the shoe didn't fit.

"It's almost as important to exclude someone as it is to include someone in a suspect group," said Cpt. Cobb.

Richland P-D is just one of three agencies in the entire country trying out SmartForce. The department used 80-thousand of your money for the upfront costs. It will be 12 thousand a year to maintain after that. It's an added benefit to the officers already solving crimes.

"It's still going to take good police work, it's never going to take away from the patrol officers in the field, the detective, the investigators, the school resource officers, we still need the human component," said Cpt. Cobb.

Now that human component has a virtual partner to keep you safe.

Richland police say smartForce will be a work in progress since no one has used it before. Kennewick and Pasco may be looking into the new system as well.