Accidents drop in Kennewick

KENNEWICK, Wash. -- KEPR told you about accident hot spots in Richland. Now, we've pulled those numbers for Kennewick. We discovered police are using new patrolling strategies. And it's made a big difference.

Tyler Dalton has seen his share of close calls.

"This intersection, all the time I see fender benders. Anytime on Columbia Center Boulevard," said Kennewick driver Tyler Dalton.

He even spotted a crash Thursday night along Canal Drive and Edison Street. It happens to be the second top spot for accidents in Kennewick.

"People always, they pull over the people that are speeding. They need to regulate the people that aren't going the speed limit."

I showed him the biggest areas of concerned. Two intersections along Canal Drive get the most accidents. Where Canal meets Columbia Center Boulevard and also Edison Street. The intersection of Clearwater Avenue and Edison Street comes in at number three. Tyler blames distracted drivers.

"Checking Facebook. I'm sure it all plays a role in accidents," said Dalton.

He was surprised to learn the number of collisions in Kennewick is dropping overall. Down two percent from last year, despite continued population growth.

"That affects all of us. Our amounts of pay to our insurance companies is based upon what the collision rates are in that community," said Kennewick Police Sergeant Ken Lattin.

Police say that's a big deal. Officers attribute the drop to new patrolling strategies. Kennewick Police have focused traffic officers to the top 24 collision locations from last year. Each day of the month, that focus shifts to one of those spots. Police say it's easy to avoid an accident if you keep a narrow focus.

"Your boss may like to hear that you're good at multi-tasking, but in a car, single task. Drive the car."

Efforts to make better driving behavior become reality.

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