Algae blooms causing problems in KID canals

KENNEWICK -- Soaring temperatures across the Tri Cities lately have added a new problem for Kennewick irrigation customers.

KID says large algae blooms are growing in the canal system. It's clogging up the filters, slowing down the irrigation flow, and giving plenty of customers low water-pressure.

The Department of Ecology has very specific regulations on how to treat the algae, so KID can only use certain chemicals at certain amounts to kill it.

The district tells Action News they are out every day battling the problem using Copper Sulfate. It's reportedly working partially, but not completely.

So, to help yourself, KID says make sure to clean your filters and irrigation systems regularly.

The district is also increasing staff levels to keep its own filters and screens cleared, and says it will continue trying to come up with new solutions to keep algae and other weeds under control.