Almost paid! Bond expiration will save Pasco homeowners

PASCO-- Pasco hopes you'll agree to pay for better schools -- especially with a minimal cost to you.

That's because Pasco is about to pay off a bond that was used to rebuild city hall.

After 20 years, that bond is almost paid off -- meaning property taxes will be cut in half.

You'll soon be paying 15 cents less per thousand dollars on your home.

The city says the savings will off-set the costs of a future school bond so you wouldn't see a big difference in what you're already paying if it was approved.

Gary Crutchfield, Pasco city manager, says, "There's only one wallet in the community, so anytime the district and city can minimize the affect on taxpayers, we're better off."

The Pasco city hall bond should be paid off by the end of *next year.