AMBER ALERT: 14-year-old Kennewick girl abducted

KENNEWICK - There is an active amber alert for a teenaged girl from Kennewick. Elizabeth Romero was last seen yesterday morning.

She was supposedly leaving for lunch with her 19-year-old boyfriend. But now, officers believe she was taken against her will and may have crossed the border.

We spoke with a friend of Elizabeth's just a couple hours ago. He says Elizabeth knew what she was getting into. But there are still a lot of unknowns at this point. School staff showed police footage of Elizabeth leaving with her boyfriend from this parking lot. The search is very active.

Elizabeth Romero is a friend, daughter and student in Kennewick; now, police believe a victim of abduction.

She was last seen Wednesday at Phoenix High School. Tammi Daiz lives nearby. And she's not surprised.

"They think they can just flee to Mexico. Or they can just runaway, you know," said Kennewick resident Tammi Diaz.

She speaks from experience. Tammi's niece was snatched and taken to Mexico.

"Maybe they want to leave home, maybe she fled herself. Maybe, maybe, there are so many maybe's," added Diaz.

Police are working to uncover those what-if's. Elizabeth's mother got a series of texts on Thursday. The writer claimed to be Elizabeth, saying she was headed to Mexico. Her mom asked for a "selfie" as proof it was her daughter. There was no reply.

"They could already be in Mexico by now," said Kennewick Police Sergeant Ken Lattin.

Officers believe Elizabeth is in real danger. Despite the fact that she could be with her boyfriend, KPD does not consider her a runaway. It's why they issued the Amber Alert.

"First of all, have to show they're endangered. They may not be where they are of their own freewill. And number two, you have to have a known suspect that they're with a description of a vehicle. You can't just say they're missing and endangered. You have to have some firm, concrete facts."

Elizabeth may be with, Edwardo Flores Rosales. He's 5'9", 225. They may be in an early model dark green Ford Escape.

Elizabeth was wearing a white top, dark pants and had her backpack and pink purse. She's only 5'3", about 130 pounds.

Police and family are hoping for answers. That this young woman will be found unharmed, and returned home.

Officers tell us the city of Kennewick has only had a handful of Amber Alerts. But it was one of the first agencies in the state to issue one about ten years ago. Now, if you have any information, you are urged to call 911.