AMC "Road Show" attracts local performers

WALLA WALLA - Finding the next big name in our own backyard. That was the goal in Walla Walla today fifty performers showed up to audition for AMC's "Road Show". And as KEPR found out, frigid weather and long lines are of no concern when possible fame is at stake. It was a day that attracted the entire spectrum of genius:

AMC chose eight cities in the US to hold auditions, and management tells me they chose Walla Walla for its small-town feel and wealth of local talent.

About fifty artists gathered in the town's Power House Theatre.
Many didn't have to travel far.

"I came from my house - not too far," said local musician Kory Nagler.

Barely snowing - musician's hands and vocal cords even frozen.

"It's really cold right now, so as a musician like my fingers are cold," added Nagler.

Song-writers - vocalists - acrobats - took to the stage --

"I've put in 30 - possibly 40 hours on the wheel," said acrobat Tyler Ferraro.

all with the hopes to make it to the next round.

REPORTER: "alright, how did it go?"
TABITHA GROVE: "I think it went pretty good!"

The show's stop in the mid-Columbia is all due to the new film office -- stationed in Walla Walla.

"I think it'll give great visibility to this region," said Walla Walla Film Office Head David Woolson.

Founded this last fall -- they say promoting wine country - as well as the local talent - is just beginning.

"So I think there is more to come," said Woolson.

AMC's Road Show will air this spring.
And the film office also told us they're talking to a couple cable networks to make stops in Walla Walla.
The network Sci-Fi has shown interest so far.