An answer for Road 68 traffic?

PASCO, Wash. There are big plans to relieve the bottlenecks in west Pasco. Road 68 and Road 100 may not be your only options to get on the freeway.

Traffic on the west side of Pasco gets worse by the day. Even in the middle of the afternoon, getting on and off the I-182 can be hectic.

Tater Bustamante drives to the Tri-Cities three times a week from Connell. He said, "Sometimes you gotta gamble on which way to go."

Especially if you're driving around Road 68. He budgets in extra time to just for traffic.

"If something happens or an accident, you know, you may as well just sit there and wait," he said.

Pasco wants to change all this. As it is now, there are only two on and off ramps between highway 395 and the Volpentest Bridge.

Adding two more ramps between the airport and Road 68 will give drivers more routes. Both access points will be off Argent Road.
The first would go at Road 44, working with the existing street.
The second, at Road 52, will require Pasco to extend the road.

Since the city want to give you better access to the interstate, they've got to do all the leg work, including footing the bill and that's why they've already set aside a large chunk of cash for this project.

Money that will be use to get the ball rolling on the multi-year process.
They'll firs develop the studies and laying out the designs. Pasco will get some help from WSDOT. Using its expertise to try to get federal money for the project.

Public works director, Ahmad Qayoumi said, "The way things are going right now, it seems like we have to do it, now."

Pasco will keep setting aside money to plan for state grants to get the job done. The city will build our roads with future growth in mind, instead of doing patch work to get us by.

Tater said,"Two more, it'd probably be a plus for this town.

Not only Pasco, but the entire Tri-Cities.

WSDOT tells KEPR it is committed to helping the city realize this project, even giving them tips on which state grants to apply for.