Animal rights activists protest against circus in town

Animal rights activists protest against circus in town

PASCO, Wash. -- One of North America's premier traveling circuses, Jordan World Circus, will be perform live at the TRAC tomorrow, with aerielists and dangerous acts galore. But some locals aren't happy with the use of animals for three ring magic.

People around the Tri-Cities plan to gather tomorrow in Pasco for a peaceful protest against animals in captivity that are used for entertainment. Supporters like Judi Nelson have seen the success in events like this before and know what it takes to get the word out.

"They are robbed of their lives, so I would like people to consider where the animals go when they’re not in the ring," Nelson explained. "You will always see a whip, or a bull hook, and those animals aren’t there because they want to be, they’re entertaining because they’ll be punished if they don’t."

Animal rights supporters will protest at 4 p.m. and at 6:30 p.m. tomorrow on Burden Blvd.

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