Animal shelters see fewer adoptions

TRI-CITIES, Wash. -- Tri-City Animal Control broke records for adoptions this month, putting 116 pets in new homes, and December isn't over.

They offered free adoptions to 50 animals in a giveaway. They were snatched up in eight days, but it's still coming on the heels of fewer animals finding homes overall.

Benton County Animal Control was down about 40 adoptions this year, resulting in more dogs being put down. Staff say some of those were due to animals being deemed dangerous and unable to be re-homed. Tri-City Animal Control is on pace to adopt out 100 fewer animals, blaming part of that on two shutdowns due to a Parvo outbreak.

"They were critical to the shelter, in not being able to allow people to come in and do actual adoptions until we were clear," said Tri-City Animal Control's Angela Zilar.

You can still adopt a pet for half the adoption fee at Tri-City Animal Control until January 1st.