Anonymous letter alleged fraud of taxpayer money back in 2009

FRANKLIN COUNTY -- KEPR is continuing to follow the suspected million dollar fraud case in Franklin County. Last week, we told you about an FBI investigation following an anonymous letter left at the office of Franklin County Commissioner Rick Miller.

Franklin County initially withheld the letter from a public records request, but chose to provide it with names, companies and titles redacted.

KEPR is drawing the conclusion that this letter talks about former Public Works official Dennis Huston. The anonymous author states Huston made a fake purchase of tires and kept the money for himself.

The writer also knew of Huston's previous conviction in Montana, and questioned whether Huston disclosed this on his employment application.

It also questioned why someone with a federal embezzlement conviction had access to county money.

The letter touched off an FBI investigation that reportedly found "nothing" according to an email written roughly a year later.

That FBI agent is no longer on the job, and the FBI promised to get back to us with more information on the investigation.

KEPR called the Franklin County prosecutor, the auditor, and commissioners who were involved -- and they still can't explain how the FBI didn't find any proof of wrongdoing.

Huston was initially arrested on theft and fraud charges but released pending charges from the state attorney general.

He was fired from his position with Franklin County. To get his side of the story, we also called Huston's home in Pasco but got no response.