Another roundabout coming to Kennewick

KENNEWICK, Wash. - A road overhaul is also planned for a Kennewick intersection. The city is adding another roundabout.

This one will be at Grandridge Boulevard and Young Street. City officials tell KEPR they expect you'd get in and out of the Toyota Center faster. The roundabout will cost 300-grand. Kennewick says the end result is safer and cheaper than other choices, despite a mixed review on roundabouts.

"I like them, I think they are great, they are easy to get on, not much waiting, you just have to pay attention someone isn't in there," said Wayne Freeman.

The roundabout could be in by early next year. Two other roundabouts are nearing completion in Kennewick, one at 45th and Olympia and the other at Ridgeline and Zintel way.