Applebees temporarily closed for remodeling in Pasco and Kennewick

PASCO, Wash. -- If you were planning on going to the Applebees in Pasco or Kennwick tonight for're out of luck. They're temporarily closed for remodeling.

Richland just finished theirs last week. The Pasco manager says they should be open by Wednesday afternoon. The plan is to fix up the inside and outside to look more with the times. The Pasco restaurant is selling all their old decorations and portraits for a just a buck out in the parking lot. It's going on all day today and tomorrow.

"We want to make our establishment look more like we're supposed to be now, instead of having a bunch of clutter on the wall, we're gonna give it a new look, like clean cut and more into what the community is turning into and just making it more homey and relaxing," said Applebees Host, Amber Olson.

Any items that aren't sold will be donated. We did see one patron by 17 items today.