Are mobile homes safe?

FINLEY - A rape in Finley is shaking up neighbors at a mobile home park off Highway-397. Action News spoke to a woman who knows the victim of this shocking crime -- and looks at how safe this part of Benton County really is.

A Finley woman is still reeling from the rape that happened just a couple doors down from her.

"I looked outside and I was like - 'oh my god,'" said "Sarah."

The crime was so shocking -- she's scared to give her real name.
Sarah can't believe a good friend and neighbor was attacked in her own home.
Deputies say a man knocked on the door early Wednesday and forced his way in with a knife -- attacking the woman inside.

"We need to have more security here," stated "Sarah."

Sarah happened to be babysitting the kids of the victim that night.
She does it often -- as her friend works an irregular work schedule.

"She thought it was me knocking on the door, because if anything happened to her kids - you know - I would've went over there and got her," added "Sarah."

Deputies tell us they have solid leads to solve the crime at Kelley Estates.

Officials tell KEPR there are no hot spots for sex crimes and say they're few and far between. In Kelley Estates, there was only one in 2011, and none the year prior.

But we dug deeper into overall crime at this mobile home park.
It seems relatively safe -- no major crimes reported.
Three burglaries happened last year -- but just one the years prior.
There's been an increase on things like noise complaints and traffic stops -- but, again, this isn't considered a hotspot for trouble like some people may suspect.

"And so, with the smaller area, the voices travel, that type of thing, so we tend to blow some of it out of proportion," said Benton County Deputy Joe Lusignan.

Deputies tell KEPR Kelley Estates is just as safe as other trailer parks in Benton County.
But it *is a matter of patrolling and reporting.
So crimes like this don't happen a second time.

"You're thinking as a parent of safety," said "Sarah."

Neighbors at Kelley Estates say they're now working to get a Neighborhood Block Watch going.