Armed robber who stole from Yakima VFW: 'Don't try to be a hero'

YAKIMA, Wash. -- A man opening the Yakima VFW was robbed at gunpoint by two masked men. Police say it was an organized attack.

The robbery happened just after 6:30 Monday morning. The 71-year-old employee was opening up and preparing for the day when he heard a knock at the back door. Police say the victim thought it was another employee knocking, and opened the door. The two armed robbers forced their way inside.

One of the suspects described at six-feet-tall with a muscular build, brandished a gun demanding money from the til. When the victim hesitated, the second suspect pulled a handgun and pointed it to the victim's head. Police said they ordered money from the til and also took the victim to the office forcing him to open the safe.

Police said the suspects got away with about $700.

Police say this crime is labeled as organized because the suspects seemed to have a plan. They say the victim described a conversation between the two suspects about a get away car.

Anyone with information regarding the matter is encouraged to contact the Yakima Police Department.

Both suspects are described as muscular white males. One was seen by the victim wearing camouflage pants, a black sweatshirt, ski-mask and gloves. The other was wearing a blue plaid shirt with blue jeans and gloves. They are both still on the loose.