Arrests made in Hermiston shooting

UMATILLA CO. SHERIFF'S NEWS RELEASE-- Sometime before Midnight on Friday, February 21, 2014, David Leon Colbray showed up at the Hermiston Police Department with an apparent gunshot wound to the back. He was with Vanessa Dunmeyer (7-22-91) of Hermiston.
Hermiston Fire and Emergency services responded and transported Colbray to Good Shepherd Medical Center for treatment.

Sheriff's deputies conducted an interview with Dunmeyer and learned the shooting occurred on N.E. 10th Street, near Theater Lane.

Dunmeyer told investigators that she and Colbray left Stockman's restaurant and were heading towards Vista Trailer Park, at 1800 N.E. 10th St. Hermiston, OR, when she noticed her jacket was missing. Colbray drove past the entrance of Vista to Theater Lane, because Dunmeyer believed she left her jacket at Stockman's.

When Colbray tried to turn around, his vehicle was blocked in by a white four door car. It was learned that Jerome Martel Price (4-9-85), Javier Noe Martinez (10-15-90) and Otelia Lucinda Ramirez (8-17-90), got out of the white vehicle and confronted Colbray and Dunmeyer. Ms. Dunmeyer believed Ms. Ramirez and some issues with her and was trying to get inside the vehicle driven by Colbray.

Price took items belonging to Colbray during the confrontation. Ms. Dunmeyer related she saw Martinez come to the driver's side of the vehicle and brandished a firearm. Colbray was able to escape in the vehicle, but it is alleged Martinez shot at the vehicle as Colbray and Dunmeyer were escaping. It is believed during this altercation Colbray
was hit in the back.

Colbray was treated at Good Shepherd Medical Center and later released.

The investigation continued over the weekend, where investigators searched the area of N.E. 10th Street and Theater Lane for evidence. They also continued to attempt to locate Price, Martinez and Ramirez.
On Monday, February 24, 2014, Price was located and lodged on a Parole Violation, and later Martinez was located and also lodged for assault in the first degree.

The investigation is still continuing and all investigative material will be turned over to the Umatilla County District
Attorney for additional charges.