Artwork to brighten up Kennewick roundabouts

KENNEWICK, Wash. -- KEPR learned the newest roundabouts in Kennewick will get some sculptures in the middle.

Tumbleweed-like spheres will go in the middle of the roundabout at 45th and Olympia. The other at Ridgeline and Zintel Way will showcase an artistic interpretation of the surrounding area made up of five-circular forms standing at more than 12 feet high.

Construction at Olympia is going out for bid in the next few weeks. And there is no timetable for completion at Ridgeline.

There's one roundabout in town with no artwork and some overgrown landscaping -- the one at Steptoe and Columbia Park Trail. That roundabout is owned by the Department of Transportation.

They told me today there are no plans to change what's there.