Attempted burglary leads to a SWAT standoff in East Pasco

PASCO, Wash. -- A routine police call turns into a SWAT standoff in East Pasco. It all started around noon when police say a man barricaded himself in his home with a rifle. Investigators say it was a burglary that got out of hand.

Cpt. Jim Raymond of Pasco Police says, "The officers were called out to a burglary in progress."This normal call quickly escalated. Raymond explains, "Fled from them on foot."

Maria was driving home and saw the police lights outside her neighbor's house. She says, "Next thing I know they were telling me to move from where I was at because the SWAT team was coming."

Police say 22 year-old Josue Contreras ran into this home on the corner of 1st and Bonneville in East Pasco armed with a long rifle.
Police describe it, "Held up in there, not wanting to come out."

Hours went by as officers blocked the streets. Frustrated, Maria says, "They should just go in there and get him." The SWAT team considered tear gas, but opted to negotiate a surrender even if it took more time. Maria comments, "They're doing their job, I can't complain about that, but I just wish they would let me go home."

Contreras gave himself up to the SWAT team who took him into custody. The streets reopened, but Maria sees her neighborhood a little differently now. "It gets you thinking when you see these kinds of problems," Maria says.

This area of Pasco has seen a recent increase in crime, especially burglary and theft. "I don't know what Pasco's coming to. Everyday there's bad news. Pasco, Pasco, Pasco."

Pasco Police knew Contreras before today. Once they identified him, they used that history to talk him out of the home peacefully.