AUDIO: Hear the 911 call made the night of the Pasco shooting

      PASCO, Wash. -- There is newly released audio of a 911 call made the night of the Feb. 14 shooting in west Pasco. A transcript of the call is below:

      DISPATCHER: Hello, 911.


      (shots fired)

      CALLER: We need someone to come to our house right now. 8011 Savary Drive. Now!

      DISPATCHER: What's going on?


      CALLER: Somebody's trying to break into our house.

      DISPATCHER: Do you know who it is?

      CALLER: No.

      DISPATCHER: What was that loud banging?

      CALLER: We have our weapons.

      DISPATCHER: Did you just fire a weapon?

      CALLER: Yeah. He got into our house.

      DISPATCHER: He got into the house?

      CALLER: Yeah.

      DISPATCHER: Who fired the weapon?

      CALLER: We did.

      DISPATCHER: OK, did you hit the person?

      CALLER: Uh, yeah.

      DISPATCHER: Is the person down on the ground then?

      CALLER: Did you get the address? 8011 Savary Drive.

      DISPATCHER: I'm sending an officer over there, just answer my questions. Is the person down on the ground?

      CALLER: I don't know, I'm not over there. I'm with my baby in the room.


      The audio provided to KEPR is about seven minutes in all. The caller remained on the line with the dispatcher while she checked on the status of her husband - and the man who pushed through the door.

      DISPATCHER: Does an ambulance need to respond for the other guy that's there?

      CALLER (to second person): Do you need an ambulance? No.

      DISPATCHER: No? Did the person get away or are they still in the house?

      CALLER: He's dead.

      DISPATCHER: He is?

      CALLER: Yes.