Auto thefts steady in Richland

RICHLAND - The KEPR Crime Tracker is staying on top of auto thefts across the Tri-Cities. We learned vehicle thefts are steady in Richland.

Officials report between 55 and 65 instances every year. The steady trend doesn't mean police aren't cracking down on criminals. In fact, Richland Police have put more money toward the problem- sponsoring a state auto theft grant.

It allows agencies to collaborate. Police tell Action News more than a third of auto theft cases end in an arrest.
"We're going to continue our efforts - you know - the message hopefully to the suspects stealing vehicles is - take your business someplace else. Because the Tri-Cities is going to become a very tough town," Richland Police Captain Mike Cobb.

And as always - they advise you to lock up your vehicles and park in a lit area.